Hi, I’m Raúl Calvo Laorden. I’m currently working as Cybersecurity Analyst (Pentester). I’m passionate about hacking, specially Active Directory (AD), Wi-Fi and Radio Frequency (RF). You may know me as r4ulcl in the online community. I really like working with Docker and git, although I’m not an expert. And I like everything related to music, videogames and tinkering with electronic devices.

  • I have the following certifications: OSCP , CRTP and CARTP

  • I maintain my own micro-datacenter, consisting of multiple servers and services, where I constantly learn and practice new technologies.

  • In my spare time I dedicate my time to programming hacking and cybersecurity tools.

  • I am the author of WiFiChallenge Lab , a 100% virtualized realistic lab to learn and practice wifi hacking.

  • I am always on the lookout for new ways to improve my skills and knowledge.

  • Themes: Dracula dark or Solarized dark .

Feel free to contact me through any of my online profiles or by email using my GPG key

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