WiFiChallenge Lab Link to heading

WiFiChallenge Lab is a 100% virtualized lab for learning and improving WiFi hacking. It runs on a virtual machine and no hardware is required. Once started you can find a Linux with all the necessary tools and a realistic environment with multiple APs of each security type with different vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

wifi_db Link to heading

wifi_db is a Python3 program which allows importing files generated with airodump-ng, using the -w flag, and adding them to a SQLite database. To run queries and use the built-in views, the resulting database can be opened with a database client like SQLitebrowser.

nTask Link to heading

nTask is a distributed task management program that allows you to distribute tasks across multiple computers using API communication and WebSockets. It handles task requests, distributes them to available workers, and stores the results in a database or sends them to a specified URL/API. Integration with other APIs or scripts is also supported.

Bntoolkit Link to heading

Bntoolkit is a set of tools for investigating the BitTorrent network. It allows from creating bittorrent files to monitoring and searching for files in the network starting only from the downloaded file. It is in Docker.

TheOneBadUSB Link to heading

A BadUSB to rule them all using ATmega32U4. Arduino project to generate a dynamic BadUSB according to the OS (Windows, Linux and macOS) to which it is connected and that works independently of the language or keyboard layout configured.